Search warrant issued by district court to locate bride prior to marriage

5:39 PM, Saturday, January 4th, 2014

PadmaMangalore: Padma Bhapat is the bride in question and Sriram of Ballal Bagh is the bridegroom who is searching for her to get married. Their engagement had already taken place in Mangalore on Nov.27, 2013 and an amount of rupees 6.50 lakh had changed hands from Sriram to the 2 brothers (Prashanth Godse and Pramod Khelkar) of Padma Bhapat. But the tricky brothers kept demanding another Rs.20 lakhs from Shriram before the marriage, making use of his inability to find a bride in his own area. Padma Bhapat is from Sindudurga district in Maharashtra where her brothers have hidden her somewhere until their bride’s dowry in this case is fully paid up before the wedding could take place.

Enter the Police and the Court on the scene on a complaint lodged by distraught Sriram to find out his bride from Maharashtra, and the court in DK (JMFC) obliges with a search warrant against Padma Bapat and her brothers, and the police go all out in her search at Vaniwada, in Devgadh taluk of Sindudurga district in South Maharashtra.

An award from Sriram awaits anyone who can find his bride for him to complete the marriage, backed by a court search warrant and police in support.

The complainant’s telephone number is 07259488857 and that of the Barke police is 0824 2220522.  The complainant has also requested youths to beware of similar incidents. Advocate P P Hegde is the counsel for the complainants, Sriram

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