SKDCC Bank hikes net profit

7:53 PM, Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Rajendra Kumar SCDCC BANKMangalore: A leading Bank on coastal area among the co-operative banks in Mangalore, SKDCC bank has published its Balance Sheet as on 31-03-2010. There is a net profit for the past year of nearly 5.40 crores of rupees with a provision for income tax separately for Rs.25.68 lakhs of rupees. An amount of Rs.50 lakhs goes to pension fund kept by the Bank for retiring employees.
The Interest income on deposits and loans has gone up to Rs.77.71 crores during 2009-10. This Bank has a pre-eminent position among several co-op banks working in the state. Its MD (Rajendra Kumar) has gone over to Apex Bank Ltd, to guide its state-level cooperative banking business, while remaining President here.

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