Students also play great role in the development of Indian economy: Minister Basavraj

8:12 PM, Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

sahyadri Mangaluru: “To walk in the path of development, a country’s economy should be strong. Contribution of engineering and MBA students to the economy of this country is also very important,” said higher education Minister Basavraj Raya Reddy.

He was speaking after inaugurating students association of Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, on Monday.

“There are only 16 countries’ which shows GDP in trillions. India is one of them. America and China are at the top. Though the population is lesser in China than India they are ahead of us. Our youth should be motivated to beat China in all the ways,” he said.

He further said that quality education is needed for the development of industries and business in India. Sahyadri College is doing the same thing.

Speaking on the occasion Bhandary Foundation President Manjunath Bhandary said that student should not run behind vacancies, they should create vacancies.

MLA Mohiudhin Bava, MU Chancellor K Byrappa, Aditya Gupta and others were present.

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