Thousands of devotees visit Kudupu Temple for Shashti celebrations

11:33 PM, Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Kudupu Temple Shashti Mangalore: The famous Sri Ananthapadmanabha Temple at Kudupu in the outskirts of Mangalore, was thronged by thousands of devotees from far and near on December 18, Tuesday to witness the Shashti celebrations and invoke the blessings of Lord Anantha Padmanabha.

Today being the sixth day of the Shashti celebrations, the Hagalu Rathotsava was witnessed by several devotees. Krishnaraj Tantri, priest of this temple says Subrahmanya Shashti is celebrated to commemorate the day on which Subrahamanya Swami eliminated the demon Tarakasura and became the Senadhipathi of the Devathas.

Kudupu Temple Shashti Kudupu is an ancient as well as rare shrine which is the abode of Lord Ananthapadmanabha, Nagadevaru and Lord Subrahmanya. The temple has the Bhadra Saraswathi lake to its left, while to its east is the Nagabana having over 500 Nagashila Bimbas.

Kudupu Temple Shashti

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