Threat to coastal India, beware, due to rising sea water levels?

9:40 PM, Friday, July 16th, 2010
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Mangalore : Threats can come from any sides these days. After the Indonesian Tsunami, there had been small versions of such tidal waves around the peninsular Indian coast, apart from Andaman / Nicobar island groups.
Now the threat is increasing, not because of fishing in Indian waters and smuggling trade of narcotics and electronic toys, but the Arabian sea and Bengal Bay levels themselves are rising against Indian coastal areas. A good seasonal rainfall is causing more erosions, stronger waves hitting the back walls of fishermen colonies, and sea water gets into inland estuaries. The quiet (hitherto) Indian Ocean is getting excited and water levels are rising unevenly. Those countries which have sea coasts like Maldivis, Bangla, India and Sri Lanka are in jeopardy because no walls can be constructed against the sea or tidal waves. Those habitually living close to the coasts and riversides which have a sea connection, have problems of existence, as they have to move to safer places, may be higher levels which they are not accustomed to
India has a vast seacoast on either sides of the Indian Ocean which can rush east or west (Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea). Sri Lanka, Sumatra and Java islands are also facing anxiety, say Colorado University research scholars. The sea levels on equator regions (where cold and hot waves exist) are prone to rise, threatening coastal areas of these countries, they stated.


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