Togadia call for death sentence to missionaries of religious conversion

11:09 AM, Sunday, November 13th, 2011

ThogadiyaAhmedabad :  Those who convert Hindus to alien religious such as Islam and Roman Church, should be sentenced to death, declared Dr. Praveen Togadia, international general secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishat in a “Dharma Prasar” conference held near Pirana Dargah, outside Ahmedabad, attended by VHP delegates from all over the country on Saturday, November 12.

He made the statement on the Valedictory day function of the All India conference.

There was a tense situation created by VHP convention in the area, when Bakr-id was being celebrated at the Dargah, and police were on the lookout for any public upheaval. However, the religious conference ended peacefully.

Togadia criticized NaMo (CM) without naming him, during the red-hot speech. He disapproved of “Sadbhavana” mission of Modi, meant to lure Muslims after Godhra riots (2002). Togadia called it a ‘fashion’, after Congress started luring Muslim votes and Samajwadi Party as also Bahujan Samaj continued to talk in favour of Muslim vote bank in UP state.

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