Traffic to implement drunken driving detector

4:41 PM, Monday, July 19th, 2010
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Mangalore: The traffic police officials will be given training in the technical aspect to find out the case of drunken driving, said Commissioner of Police Seemanth Kumar Singh.
Speaking to the media representative at the press meet held at his office, he said that before implementing these aspects, there is need to take precautionary measures to avoid it by creating awareness among public to avoid drunken driving since we cannot insist anyone to stop drinking.

The district has received 10 drunken driving detectors and further more will be implemented, he said.
He also said that talking on mobile phones while driving also will be charged fine. Most of the two wheelers riders are using the stylish helmets, which will be banned, hence the riders must use helmets, do not appear like caps, which is easily removed and placed.

The number plates for the vehicles must be in normal font style and not stylish. The bus owners and drivers will be warned to stop the bus only on its stops.
In case of riders caught during drunken driving, the traffic police will seize the vehicle and issue notice of fine to rider will be paid in court, later the rider or driver will pay the fine in court and issue paid notice and release the vehicle, he added.
Further in regular intervals, the department will conduct meeting to create awareness among groups of senior citizens, press and other groups. The colleges were given basic training on following the traffic rule by the DCP, now the department is targeting towards schools, he informed.
The department has sent the proposal to the post senior South sub-division, central and north sub-division to include under ACP Traffic.
DCP Muthuraya and R Ramesh were present at the press meet.


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