Tulabharam performed as Gurudakshina: Pejawar seer in city on Monday.

7:22 PM, Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
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Mangalore : A Tulabharam (weighing in a balance) in rupee coins was performed in honour of Udupi Pejawar Math seer VIshwesha Tirtha Swamiji, who visited “Manjuprasad” in Mallika Extension on Kadri Kambla road, home of Pradeep K. Kalkura, on Monday evening in the presence of hundreds of devotees.

Addressing pressmen on the eve of his Chaturmas due in Mysore this year, Pejawar seer stated that he was planning the construction of a huge Hindu temple in Hastinavathi where Pandavas and Sri Krishna once walked, but there were no clues of their existence in the old fort (where Shershah Suri constructed a mosque in the site of Pandava palace) now. The temple will be a memorial to them and a symbol of history, Hindu nationalism and Indian patriotism, Swamiji said. He called for adequate funds from disciples.

The temple has received the good wishes of Uttara Pradesh people and their co-operation will come soon. When completed, the Temple will stand as a symbol of ancient (Mahabharatha) history and modern architectural beauty evoking true nationalism, Vishwesha Tirtha declared.

While PK Kalkura donated the weight of Swamiji in so many rupee coins in bags, Harikrishna Punaroor, former KSP President, and a hotelier from Mulky, donated Rs.1,11,111 at the same venue.

A. J. Shetty, Kadri Temple chief trustee, Jayaram Bhat (chairman of Karnataka Bank) and DGM Ramesh Kumar of KBK were present on the occasion at Kadri.


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