Tulunadu Rakshana Vedike vows to take care of local people:

2:52 PM, Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Mangalore: At a press meeting held on Sunday at  Hotel woodlands Mangalore. TRV chairman J. Yogish Shetty spoke at length and issued a statement, in which he referred to Mangalore developing into a Mega city but lacking enough safety measures for its true citizens because of the inflow of thousands of outsiders who are not necessarily followers of local traditions, languages and culture, which poses a risk that has to be watched, guarded and transformed into an external appreciation of an internal educated and healthy population.
He drew attention of the Press to the hundreds of schools/colleges, tens of universities on the coastal side, and economic opportunities in the coastal side, in banks, insurance and exports that attract new business from Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra or Maharashtra, opening up new avenues of living.
But, he said, there are risks of safety and excessive temptations in the Coastal atmosphere, apart from religious tourism in a highly sensitive area in the second half of an year.
Construction activity is taking place at high speed on tall buildings, but no one really knows about the labourers who bring diseases with them or cause thefts in local domestic work spots.
The TRV has demanded same urgent steps to know the incoming population that lives in rented houses and the labourers living in houses under construction, spreading malaria and other diseases due to their uncleanliness.
The strangers entering Tulunadu for job prospects and temporary stay, should be given identity cards, taking full details of their previous areas of stay. There are wandering tribes also among them. The departments of labour, social welfare, Police security and MCC have to attend to those issues and provide new facilities to all citizens, J.Y Shetty added.
Several Tulunadu Rakshana Vedike activists attended the Press meet

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