2 PU students drowned in Netravati river at Ullal bridge

6:57 PM, Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Netravati river Mangaluru : Two PU students of Canara College were drowned in Netravati river on Saturday March 21.

The boys who went for a swim along with their friends met water grave in the river. The decided identified as Aditya and Chirag.

It is said, the students of second year PU of Canara College named Aditya, Chirag, Satvik and Prateek went to Aditya’s house at Morgan’s Gate for group study. Later Aditya and Chirag and other two friends went to the Netravati river for a swim.

The Aditya and Chirag landed to the river and started to play in water, their friends Satvik and Prateek warned them don’t go far, when they visible to see Aditya and Chirag , they drowned in deep river.

The fire service, the locals and the police rushed to the spot and search operation is on for missing boys.

Netravati river


Netravati river


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