A man called Diego Maradona of (loser) Argentina

9:36 PM, Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

The short (5’2”) thickset man in a swanky moustache and dancing feet, has been called a second Napoleon by his soccer fans. Accordingly he was banished to St. Helena last week in a quarter final match in Cape Town, against Germany which beat his trainees team hollow, by 4 goals (to zero against). Diego M. was so inconsolable, as it was the most difficult day in his life, when his reputation bit the dust, and his old Brazilian rival for fame, Pele, made fun of him.
Lionel Messi (who is considered second Maradona) did not come off well, and the Argentina (ex-player) coach was crying helplessly. His daughter, Delma, a teen- aged girl, had to console the 50 year old sick Diego, when he felt like punched in the face by boxer Cassius Clay alias Mohd. Ali (in his own words). What can anyone do when so many defeated teams with crushed egos are shedding tears ? One hopes that Maradona won’t take to cocaine again

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