Action against ambulance drivers for overcharging: Revenue Minister R Ashoka

11:22 PM, Sunday, May 30th, 2021

RAshoka Bengaluru : Strict action will be initiated against errant ambulance drivers who indulge in fleecing customers.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, Revenue Minister Mr Ashoka warned the ambulance drivers against overcharging. “If anyone is found charging an exorbitant amount, then we won’t hesitate to arrest them. I have already directed the police officials to take stern action against such miscreants. If people find any driver fleecing, they should report that matter to us for taking action”, he said.

Free blood testing in Bengaluru South

RAshoka Revenue Minister Mr R Ashoka said, “The Covid cases are reducing in Bengaluru. However, the focus is to further bring down the Covid cases. Hence, an important decision has been taken to further streamline testing. Along with RT PCR testing, blood samples (CBC, CDC, IDH) will also be tested for free to identify the extent of infection. The results of the blood sampling will help the health experts in understanding the extent of infection and this will help them to take immediate decisions whether the patients require ICU, oxygen support or ventilator. The blood testing will begin in Bengaluru South zone and will soon be extended to other regions. This will be completely free”

Mr Ashoka said that he knew Basavanagudi MLA Ravi Subramanya for the last two decades and the audio was doctored to taint the image of Mr Subramanya. An inquiry will be ordered to find out the culprits. He also said that while CM BS Yediyurppa was on the streets working for people, Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah was busy taunting others on tweets. Reacting to the CP Yogeshwar controversy, he said that the person who had alleged a three-party coalition needs to introspect as to from which party he has come. “If anyone has any grouse, it has to be discussed in the party forum and not openly. I can say with conviction that it is the BSY government at the State and the Modi government at the centre which is working for the welfare of the people”, he added.

Food kits distributed

RAshoka Earlier, Revenue Minister Mr R Ashoka distributed food kits to poor people, temple priests and other personnel at Karisandra and Padmanabhanagar wards on Sunday to commemorate the service week to mark the 7 years of successful completion of PM Modi’s PM tenure.

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