Air India memorial service for Bajpe (Mangalore) crash dead

4:28 PM, Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Mangalore : An all-religion memorial service was organised at TMA Pai Convention Centre M.G. Road on Tuesday, July 27 by Air India administration to remember the 158 dead (8 crew included) on May 22 in the Boeing Air crash at Bajpe forests.

Relatives of the victims gathered to pay homage to the dead with prayers performed by 4 religious heads as the care part of this memorial service.

Air India MD Anil Jadhav and secretary in civil Aviation Ministry Madhava Nambiar paid floral tributes to the victims at the newly erected memorial, a plaque with 158 names, at the actual crash site in a gorge. Families of victims were taken round this site later.

A plea has been made to Anil Jadhav, AI chief, to release the balance amount of promised compensation to the families of all victims by the Kerala Association of Travel Agents, (KATA), through N.A. Sulaiman, its Vice-President early this month. The amount comes to Rs 75 Lakhs compensation would include jobs for one close relatives of the deceased and free education to the victims’ children if any. A request was also made to get all assets from the Gulf states to India, such as succession certificates, deposits, bank accounts / lockers deposits, fixed assets etc, through the good offices of the Govt of India.

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