AJ Hospital uses electron therapy, gold seed implant for cancer patient

7:40 PM, Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

AJ HospitalMangalore : Prashanth Marla, Medical Director of AJ Institute has said that the AJ  Hospital and Research Centre has for the first time in the city conducted electron therapy and gold seed implant for a cancer patient.

Speaking to reporters, Dr Kamalaksh K Shenoy, radiation oncology surgeon said the process was successfully carried on a  78-year-old lady was suffering from skin cancer (basel cell carcinoma) on her neck since a year

The treatment is successful and the patient is recovering, he said.The tumour can be better treated with the help of electrons that are released from high-end linear exhilarator. These electrons transmit radiations to the affected area, which help in curing the cancer without affecting the surrounding areas.

A 62-year-old patient who was suffering from prostate cancer had undergone androgen depravation treatment for 4 months. He was also provided treatment in the above procedure and has responded well, Dr Kamalaksh said.

Shivaprasad Shetty and Bhaskar Arasa were also present at the press meet.

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