Alva’s Pragati to be held on June 24, 25 at Vidyagiri Campus at Moodbidri

5:37 PM, Thursday, June 15th, 2017
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Alvas Pragati Mangaluru : Alva’s Pragati, the largest placement drive which is organized by Alva’s Education Foundation is back with its 9th edition. The mega job mela will be held on June 24 and 25 at Alva’s Vidyagiri Campus in Moodbidri, said Vivek Alva, Managing Trustee of Alva’s Education Foundation.

The inauguration of Alva’s Pragati 2017 will be held on June 24 at Vidyagiri at 9.30 AM by Mr Pramod Madhwaraj, Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs. Sri Abhayachandra Jain, MLA, Moodbidri will preside over the programme and Mr Binay R Shetty, Vice Chairman and CEO, BRS Ventures, Abu Dhabi, UAE will be the Chief Guest of Alva’s Pragati-2017. Dr M Mohan Alva, Chairman, Alva’s Education Foundation, Mr Amaranath Shetty, Former Minister and Trustee of Alva’s Education Foundation will also be present during the inaugural ceremony, he said.

Alva’s Pragati 2017 features the participation of top recruiters representing major sectors such as IT, ITeS, Manufacturing, Sales and Retail, Banking and Finance, Hospitality, Education and NGO. These sectors offer a large number of openings for Graduates and Post Graduates in various streams such as Medical and Para-Medical, Engineering, Arts, Commerce & Management, Basic Sciences, Nursing, ITI, Diploma, Skilled Manpower with PUC & SSLC and other qualifications,Vivek Alva said.

Dr Padmanabh Shenoy, PRO, Alva’s Education Foundation, Sampath G  Nayak, Student Welfare Officer ,Alva’s Education Foundation, Sushanth Anil Lobo, Placement Lead, Alva’s Education Foundation, Shreekanth Suvarna, IT In charge, Alva’s Pragati were present in pressmeet.

Some of the prominent companies of the industry will take part in Alva’s Pragati 2017. They include-

In the IT Sector, major names participating in the drive include Amazon, MindTree, Oracle, Sarvaha Sysytems Pvt Ltd, Codecraft, Quinnox, CES Ltd and Tech Mahindra.

In the Manufacturing Sector, major companies such as Toyota Industries Engine India Pvt. Ltd, Orient Bell Limited, Kirloskar Toyota Textile Machinery Pvt Ltd, Indo US MIM Tech Pvt Ltd, Nexteer Automotive Pvt Ltd, Streparava India Private Limited, JCR Drillsol, Exedy Clutch India Pvt Ltd, Switch Gear & Control Technics  and Kirloskar Toyota Textile Machinery Pvt Ltd among others will take part.

In Telecom Sector, companies such as Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Communications among others will take part.

In the Banking & Financial Services Sector, major players like UAE Exchange from GCC, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, SBI Life Insurance, Dewan Housing Finance Ltd, Bharati Axa, Karvy Stock Broking and Future General Life Insurance will participate.

Healthcare sector features top companies such as NMC Healthcare, Apollo Hospitals, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Ifanglobal for Medanta – The Medicity & Indiana Hospital among others.

Pharmaceutical Companies such as Biocon, Cipla, Recipharm Pharma services Pvt Ltd, Sequent Scientific Limited, Jubilant Generics Limited among others.

Sales & Retail Sector includes Cafe Coffee Day, Pantaloons, Decathlon Sports India Pvt. Ltd, Joy Alukkas, Nandi Toyota, Paragon and VKC Pride who will be recruiting in large numbers.

Major companies in the Hospitality sector are as follows: Vivanta by Taj, The Flora Grand, The Capital and The Country Inn & Suites among others.

Key Points of Alva’s Pragati 2017:

Highest openings in Alva’s Pragati-2017 are available for B.Sc., B.Com, BBM, B.A. and basic graduation degree holders.

More than 300 job openings in leading hospitals for B.Sc. / GNM nurses across India in Hospitals such as Apollo Hospitals, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Ifanglobal for Medanta – The Medicity & Indiana

Along with B.Pharma/D.Pharma candidates, MSc and BSc- Chemistry graduates have opportunities in core Pharmaceutical companies such as Biocon, Cipla, Recipharm Pharma services Pvt Ltd, Sequent Scientific Limited, Jubilant Generics Limited among others.

The Banking & Financial Services sector offers more than 1,500 jobs for Graduates and Post-Graduates like MBA and M.Com qualified candidates.

Ample opportunities for core IT graduates at Bangalore, Mangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Indore and Chennai.

BE Chemical and Textile Engineering graduates can expect large number of openings with attractive CTC in leading companies.

There are more than 300 job openings for ITI- qualified manpower. Turners, Fitters and Welders can expect huge number of job openings in various leading companies.
Also, there are more than 250 openings for Mechanical and Automobile Diploma holders for apprenticeship in various companies.

Sales & Retail companies will be offering good number of openings for graduates and MBA in Marketing & HR. Sales and Retail sector is also offering huge openings, numbering around 100, for SSLC & PUC qualified personnel.

Another major feature of this year’s Pragati is the participation of companies from North and Central India, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. Around 15 companies from this region will participate in the drive.

Amazon-India’s Largest Online Store‎ is offering more than 120 job openings for any graduates.

The first round of selection for the major IT player, MindTree, will be also conducted in this drive.

Automobile showrooms are looking for Sales/Marketing and Service profiles in huge numbers such as Graduates and Post Graduates, ITI/Diploma for various roles.

Digitizing the entire process, an Android and iOS-based App has been created to benefit the aspirants and the participating companies.

Online registration is compulsory for job aspirants to streamline and digitize the entire recruitment/selection process.

Many companies are looking for experienced candidates in various sectors such as ZUARI AGRO CHEMICALS Ltd, Toyota Industries Engine India Pvt. Ltd, Jubilant Generics Ltd, Sarvaha Systems Private limited, Paragon Group, Wuerth Elektronik India Private Ltd among many.

There is a dearth of opportunities for Civil engineering fresher jobs where as companies are looking for experienced candidates in construction sector.

Accommodation will be arranged for outstation candidates from June 23rd onwards.

To facilitate job aspirants, an Orientation Programme to sensitize on the entire job drive will be held for interested job aspirants at Vidyagiri Campus, Moodbidri on June 17th and 18th.

For more information, contact:
9611686148, 8494934852, 9008907716, 8971250414, 9844762311

Free Registration for candidates at:

Note: Compulsory online registration for all the candidates except ITI, PUC, SSLC and below
After the registration, candidates can also download the Alva’s Pragati App which gives the candidates personalized information.

Android Users from Google Play Store:

IOS users from App Store:

For registration and details of companies participating/profiles offered at Alva’s Pragati 2017 visit:






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