Annual Fee raise in Govt. quota of Private Colleges

6:34 PM, Monday, May 2nd, 2011

engineering students Bangalore: The Annual Fee for engineering students in Govt. quota in private colleges will be raised by Rs.2, 500 per year to Rs.32,500. The quota will be brought down from 50% to 45%.
In effect, an additional 5% seats go to poor students with family incomes less than Rs2 lakh per annum. The Govt. quota remains at 50% again.
The private colleges had sought a fee rise from Rs.50,000 to Rs.60,000 quoting enhancement wage in bills and general expenses. This rise has not been accepted by state.
The engineering seats had fallen in demand over the years, with 2009-10 academic year showing 8,067 vacant seats in private engineering colleges in the 184 colleges in Karnataka.
The Govt., conducts a Common Entrance Test (CET) for enrolment in professional courses, while Private College managements association has its own tests in COMED-K. Since 2006, the Govt and private colleges have taken a “consensous route” on fee structure.

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