Auto Rickshaw-walls to raise minimum fares and subsequent rates from Sept10.

6:24 PM, Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Mangalore: Beware! if you are a habitual auto-rickshaw travellor or an emergency bird in the auto-driver’s care, you will have to shell out Rs. 15 as minimum fare (for 2 metres) and subsequently for every km, Rs. 11 (total Rs 26 for 3 kms). till now, you were paying Rs. 13+7=20 in all.

The unions attached to auto-drivers went to DK DC (V. Ponnuraj) who in a meeting held today (Aug 28) decided to raise the fares in cities, consequent upon hikes in diesel and petrol rates, besides higher prices on auto spare parts too. After a brain-storming session with these unions and representatives, the DC has agreed to increase the rents (or hires) from Rs.13 to 15 (minimum) and for every km, therefore, from Rs. 9 to 11, from Sept.10.
If you want old rates only, travel as much as you wish, till Sept. 9 from now onwards, on the yellow autorickshaws in city. You will face new rates on Sept. 10, we hear.
The waiting time of 15 minutes is free, but 15 to 45 minutes of waiting is decided upon as 25% more than the auto fare. The auto meters will bereformed by Oct.1, as per DC’s order. In case of confusion, in the meantime, the driver will show a rate card given by Sep. 10.
The meeting arrived at certain other decisions on pre-paid auto system, autopermit and drivers’ licence etc. not affecting travellors.
The auto-rickshaw drivers expressed their happiness over enhance rates.
Several Union leaders, owners, office bearers and Nagarika Hitharakshan Samithi chief Hanumant Kamath, among others were present in the DCO meeting.

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