Bangalore’s ‘electric shock’ death toll rises day by day

3:35 PM, Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

Electric ShockBengaluru: The Bangalore Electric Supply Company (BESCOM) might be working on a warfoot basis to solve power-related issues and harm caused by the rains but the number of deaths due to electrocution is on a constant rise. As many as three lives were taken by the same in the last 15 days. The latest on the list of unfortunate deaths is that of a youngster in the city who succumbed to burn injuries on May 31.

The deceased, Sathish, was a daily wage labourer who lived in Mathikere. The 23-year old daily was working at a construction site of a two-storey building in Manjunathanagar where he was electrocuted after the iron rods he was lifting came in contact with a high-tension wire. Policemen from Basaveshwaranagar station who rushed to the spot arrested the house owner and a mason for negligence which resulted in the youngster’s death. A notice has been served to BESCOM and KPTCL for giving clearance for construction at the site close to the high tension wire.

Just a day before the incident, a courier boy had passed away after he came in contact with a high-tension wire on the terrace of his grandmother s home in SG Paya. The deceased identified as Ramesh got electrocuted on May 19, when he went to the terrace to get bedsheets that were left to dry. The boy who was taken to St John’s hospital for immediate treatment had suffered from 70 per cent burns which led to his untimely death. Similar to the other incident, SG Palya police station has served notice to KPTCL officials.

It can be recalled that Nikhil, a 14-year-old boy succumbed to burn injuries on May 20 after being electrocuted by a live high-tension wire on May 16 in his neighbourhood. The boy who was enjoying his summer holidays suffered from fatal burns when he touched a live wire dangling onto the terrace of a neighbour s house where he went to fetch a cricket ball. The incident took place near Netaji Circle in Mathikere.

At the same time, apart from BESCOM’s decision to begin special awareness programmes in schools to ensure child safety, the electricity suppliers have also started to air radio advertisements to generate awareness on the same to the general public. “If you see any suspicious wires or cables attached to the (electric) poles, you should dial the helpline (1912) number rather than taking your own decision and risking your lives,” advises one of their new public service announcements. Another such advertisement says, “Don’t touch any suspicious wires or cables fallen near schools, colleges, home or agricultural land. Do not park your vehicle near electricity poles.”

Speaking to, an official from the quality standards and safety section said that pamphlets were distributed in several areas of the city as part of their awareness campaign. “Pamphlets include dos and donts and steps on how to observe safety measures. The matter is printed both in English and Kannada and our officials have been visiting homes to distribute and speak to our consumers, the official says.

BESCOM has also set up an exclusive 24×7 WhatsApp service to record and report grievances on safety issues. Consumers can do the same by text to 9483191212 or 9483191222 or can use the smartphone application named BESCOM Mithra.

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