Bank Manager kills two children and attempts to suicide

5:02 PM, Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Bank Manager kills his own Family

Bank Manager kills his own Family

17.06.10 Puttur: The police officials of Puttur police station have arrested Ramesh Naika, a Manager with the Punjab National Bank, for killing his own mother-in-law, sister-in-law and his two children.
The murderer is Ramesh Naik (40) of Ardamoole near Panaje is a manager in Punjab National Bank in Maharashtra of Solapur branch. Naik’s wife Sundari is a clerk in the State Bank of Mysore. The family lived in Kumutaiah Layout in the second phase of Banashankari in Tumkur.

Ramesh Naik Killer

His wife recently got transferred to Mangalore and arrived with her two children Bhuvanaraj (10) and Krittika (3) and reported for duty. Naik, who arrived to city on Wednesday and took his children to Ardamoole of Puttur and pushed them into the tank.
Naik was arrested on June 16, Wednesday night when he was attempting to suicide in a lodge at Ardhamoole near Panaje in Puttur, after the murdER.
According to the investigation, it is revealed that Naik had first killed his mother-in-law Saraswati and sister in-law Savitha at Tumkur before coming to Mangalore with the intention to kill his wife and two children. Since his wife was on duty, he had taken his children to his hometown Panaje and killed the children.
The SP informed that the clash in the family had made him to take the decision. Puttur rural police are conducting the investigations.

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