Belman : Leaving their well paying job abroad couple takes up agriculture

3:33 PM, Thursday, September 19th, 2019

BelmanBelman : Although they had a well paying job abroad, Dominic Edward and Maria Gretta, couple of Golikatte in Nandalike preferred to return back to their roots and indulge in the peace of a village life by taking up goat farming, cattle farming and various agricultural activities at their home town and are making a profit out of it.

They have a variety of goats in their stable and instead of selling the animals for their meat, they are using them for the creation of crossbreeds and making a healthy profit out of it. They have cross bred a variety of goats’ species including Punjabi Beetal goat, Jamuna pari goat, Sirohi Rajasthan goat and others and successfully created new colorful breeds. Presently they have a variety of 36 goats, bred from domesticated species.

The fresh droppings of the goats is collected and aged into gunny bags weighing 50 kg and sold. The market value of one bag of goat dropping is Rs 300, informs the couple.

Along with breeding goats, the couple is also growing paddy spread across a land of 2 acres as an additional farming. They also grow their own organic manure. The couple also cultivates jasmine, areca nut, coconut, banana plantation, papaya, tendrils, ladies finger, honey farming and various other vegetables and fruits. They also have 5 Meru cows.


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