Bullets fired from DySP’s revolver confirmed

11:30 AM, Monday, July 11th, 2016

GanapathiMangaluru/Madikeri: Examinations done by ballistics have confirmed that two bullets had been fired from DySP Ganapathi’s service revolver in the hotel room where he was stayed, before committing suicide on Thursday. Two bullets were found on the bed out of eight bullets from DySP’s service revolver.

The investigation team led by Forensic Science Laboratories (FSL) Assistant Director Ravindranath, gathered the details on the distance from which the bullets were shot. Team visited the lode at 10.30 am and interrogated the lodge staff’s.

As per the police rules IGP office DySp can not possess service revolver, but giving the reason of threat to life, Ganapathi had taken permission from higher authorities to have one.

CID team also proceeded with their information and gathered the evidences. They collected the CCTV footage of breaking room door, Ganapathi’s dress and wallet. They have also collected the video of the interview given to a local TV channel.

The hotel staff’s are directed to not to go on leave and to appear for the interrogation whenever necessary.

The CID team have also investigated the psychiatrist Dr P K Kiran Kumar who was treating DySP Ganapathi.

Dr Kiran Kumar has said that Ganapthi had come for the treatment of head ache and memory loss. He hasn’t spoken anything about the harassment during the treatment.

“His body language and speech was normal. He had only mild depression and he was not distressed. It is normal for the people who work in police department to have mild depression. He hasn’t reached that stage to commit suicide and end his life,” he said.

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