Bussiness man dies on Spot in a Omni car accident

7:57 PM, Thursday, January 21st, 2016

UmmarPuttur: In a tragic accident, a man was killed on the spot after an Omni overturned near Parpunja on Thursday morning.

The deceased has been identified as Umar (34), a resident of Santoshnagar in Madavu and he owned a GS Sounds and Lightings in Puttur.

It is said, Umar was returning home after finishing the programe in Kallagudde in Kuriya village. He lost control over the vehicle near Parpunja and the vehicle plunged down the side of areca plantation.

The incident occured at about 4 am. A youth who was travelling by the same road noticed the Omni and informed 108 ambulance. Sampya police came to the spot and inspected. Seriously injured Umar died on the spot.

A case has been registered in Sampya police station.


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