Congress leaders broke out of COVID 19 rules by opening dead body’s PPE kit

11:49 PM, Monday, July 27th, 2020

ivan d souzaMangalore: Ivana D’Souza, a former member of the Vidhana Parishad, MLA UT Khadar and some other Congress leaders broke the COVID rules by unearthing the dead body’s PPE kit at the funeral of a woman who had died of COVID infection at Bolooru crematorium.

The photos and videos of violations of the COVID rules have surfaced on social media sites by district Congress leaders.

The woman died on June 24. Her funeral was held in the Bolooru crematorium on Sunday. At the time, Ivan D’Souza and other  Congress leaders, including UT Khadar unveiled the PPE kit of the infected dead body through the Health Department staff.

DK District health officer Dr.Ratnakar said the face part is transparently sealed according to the Covid rules. It is not allowed to open anyone. He said, It will be investigated and action will be taken.

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