Covid has taught important lessons: Revenue Minister Mr R Ashoka

12:52 AM, Sunday, August 29th, 2021

R Ashoka Bengaluru : Revenue Minister felicitated doctors in Padmanahabhagar constituency on Saturday.

Speaking on the occasion, “No one had a clue that we will ever face a pandemic like Covid. Covid literally changed everything. The Covid outbreak was such that there were continuous sirens of ambulances and there was a long queue for burning bodies as well. Though Covid made life uncertain, we learnt a lot and some of the learning is discipline, importance of queue and more importantly the importance of life. I want to appreciate the fact that when people were scared to come out of their houses, doctors risked their lives to treat the patients. I wholeheartedly thank each of the doctors as they were the only ray of hope for us. I also want to appreciate the works of Pourakarmikas who were out on the roads during both the waves to keep the city clean.” Meanwhile, Mr Ashoka said that if anyone including doctors wanted to take up social work, he was willing to join hands by offering logistical support in Padmanabhanagar constituency.

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