Cricketer Ravi Shastri visits Karvalu temple; offers special pooja

9:54 PM, Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Ravi Shastri Karkala : Former Cricketer Ravishankar Jayadratha Shastri visited Karvalu Shri Maha Vishnumoorthi temple in Karkala and offered special pooja to the presiding deity on September 23, Tuesday.

It is learnt that, Shastri visits the temple every year and pays oblations to the deity and serphant god Naga Sannidhi, since his ancestors were from same place.

It must be recalled that, Ravi Shastri had visited the temple six years before and was blessed with a baby girl. Since then he pays a visit to temple every year to worship.

Shastri was accompanied by his wife Kavitha Shastri, Santhosh Kumar Shastri and Udayavani Chief of News bureau Manohar Prasad.

The temple administration honored him on the occasion.

Ravi Shastri


Ravi Shastri

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