Dalit Sangarsha Samithi celebrated ’Mahisha Dasara’ in Udupi

2:32 PM, Monday, October 16th, 2023

Udupi : The Ambedkar Yuva Sene and Dalit Sangarsha Samithi (Bhimavada), jointly organized ’Mahisha Dasara’ event, peacefully in Udupi on Sunday, October 15.

Activities were conducted at both the Ambedkar Bhavans in Aadi Udupi and Bairampalli, where the event title was changed from ’Mahisha Dasara’ to ’Mahishotsava’.

In anticipation of potential unrest, Udupi Deputy Commissioner K. Vidyakumari imposed prohibitory orders on October 14 and October 15, prohibiting processions throughout Udupi district. These measures aimed to maintain law and order in light of the call for Mahisha Dasara. Consequently, the Ambedkar Yuva Sene canceled its planned procession from Jodu Katte to Ambedkar Bhavan in Aadi Udupi. The Deputy Commissioner also banned the display of banners and posters, whether in support of or against Mahisha Dasara.

Nonetheless, the Ambedkar Yuva Sene, along with certain Congress leaders and activists, conducted a symbolic short-distance procession within the confines of the Ambedkar Bhavana in Aadi Udupi. Following this, a seminar was organized at the same venue, hosted by the Ambedkar Yuva Sene.

Prior to the event, VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders had issued threats indicating their opposition to the staging of Mahisha Dasara in Udupi.

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