DC issues Nipah virus alert in Dakshina Kannada

11:43 PM, Monday, September 6th, 2021

Nipha VirusMangaluru : After a death of  Nipah virus infection in Kerala, Dakshina Kannada deputy Commissioner Dr Rajendra K V has issued an alert in the wake of Nipah virus.

The DC said that officials concerned should take all necessary precautionary measures.

“A 12 year-old boy died of Nipah virus infection in Kozhikode. The infection has spread to health staff as well. Dakshina Kannada shares its border with Kerala. A large number of people commute to the district for health and education purposes. Hence people should be cautious.said DC.

Stating that Nipah is a zoonotic virus which spreads from animals to humans and also transmitted directly between people, the DC said the symptoms include acute respiratory illness and fatal encephalitis besides fever, headache, cough and throat ache.

The DC has called upon people to wash hands using detergents frequently and stay away from bats and pigs that cause the spread of the virus. Do not consume fruits that were partly eaten by birds and animals.

The health authorities should inform the health department immediately if any person was found experiencing symptoms of Nipah, the DC added.

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