Diamond earrings stolen from dead body by mortuary security guard recovered

11:58 AM, Monday, August 23rd, 2021

Harish-ShettyMangaluru: The diamond earrings which went missing from the mortal remains of a person kept in the mortuary of a hospital at Bendorewell recovered by police.

Harish Shetty (45), who was working as manager of the security department of a mall here, died on August 19 after suffering a heart attack. His mortal remains were preserved in the mortuary of the hospital awaiting the arrival of a few close relatives.

Even though the golden chain around his neck was removed, diamond rings in his ears were left untouched as it was found to be very hard to remove them.

The relatives had planned to remove the rings during the funeral and had also informed the people in charge of the mortuary about this plan. However, when the body was taken out the next day morning, it was found that the diamond rings had gone missing from the ears.

Following the complaint by the family members, the police checked the CCTV footage and found that the guard had stolen the rings.

It is learnt that thereafter he returned the rings to the family members of Harish Shetty.

The hospital manager said that the security guard concerned had joined for duty three months back and that the hospital management did not have any inkling that he would steal things like this. He said that the guard has been dismissed from service and that the hospital will extend total cooperation to the police investigation.

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