District-Administration moves in to maintain clean toilets without manual scavenging

3:40 PM, Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

District Administration

Mangalore: The district deputy commissioner, Dr. Channappa Gowda has asked citizens to use cleaning machines with instructions provided by MCC, or any Panchayat, to clean their toilets, rather than use human personnel to carry night soil on head, or for sanitation work at home.

The sucking and jetting machines used for cleaning home or public toilets, are available with Mangalore city corporation, and they can be hired on Payment for use in private sanitary work.

Manual Scavenging to clean up private toilets has been prohibited under a 1993 Act and those who violate the provisions to force human beings for scavenging work, will invite prosecution under law, the DC warned in a statement, on Tuesday.

On November 6 evening, a person named kitty fell into the toilet hole, while cleaning the toilets as ordered by the owner of Hotel Abhinandan in Kinnigoli, which ended in his tragic death by suffocation.

A criminal case has been registered by police after enquiring into the entire happening and the bereaved family has been given hopes of suitable compensation. All responsible authorities have visited the place of tragedy and taken steps to prevent any such tragedies in future.

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