District BJP to back Ratha Yatra to protedt against Yettinahole project

11:49 AM, Thursday, December 8th, 2016

BJP Mangaluru: “District BJP will be backing the Ratha Yatre held to protest against the Yettinahole project from December 10 – 12,” said district BJP President Sanjeev Matandoor.

Addressing the press personnel on Wednesday at district BJP officer, he said that DK will become a dry land due to Yettinahole project. But the people haven’t understood the seriousness of the project.

“Ratha Yatre will be a political rally. No political party flags are allowed. Yatra will commence from Subrahmanya and will be culminated at Kateel. Ratha Yatre might be led by MP Nalin Kumar Kateel. Along with us Kannur Masjid and Milagres Church committees also will take part in the yatra,” he said.

He further said that BJP is not opposing to provide the water to Kolar and other districts. There are other rivers origins from which water can be supplied to dry districts. Moreover, Yettinahole project is more expensive than any other projects.

BJP Further commenting on ban on digging of borewell he said “the state government should lift the ban on borewell digging. Many TP’s and GP’s are urging the government to lift the ban as they are using borewell water for drinking water purpose. Moreover, in rural areas many people are dependent on borewell water for agriculture.”

MLC Capt Ganesh Karnik, office bearers Umanath Kotian, Jitendra Kottary and others were present.




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