DK Congressmen led by B.J. Poojary join KPCC activists in Hiriyur.

11:01 PM, Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Hasan : The DKCC activists from Mangalore & Surathkal numbering over 60, joined the main KPCC walkers’ team this Morning (Aug 1) at Hiriyur  to continue Journey on Monday. They were greeted by state Congress brethren, headed by Siddaramaiah in a DK rain cap worn by local peasants (Haale topi). Several such caps were worn gleefully by DKCC team from Minorities cell and other activists. Some “tiger-men” and folk dancers in the team performed dances on streets.
The BJP activists, in the meantime, are going round Bellary district with Health Minister Sriramulu in the forefront, with a black costume and shaven heads emulating the leader. The programme has the blessings of Reddy brothers, but CM has frowned upon them. There is a growing animosity inside the cabinet with Renukacharya criticizing the Bellary Ministers. A meeting has been called in Davangere today where the two groups have to be present.

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