Dr. Roshan Shetty saves a Woman’s Life by a rare and unique surgery

5:09 PM, Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Dr.Roshan ShettyMangalore: A city-based 60 year old women with breathing difficulties as an asthma patient, used to develop pain, fatigue and chest discomfort soon after taking her regular food.
Dr. Roshan Shetty thoroughly examined her when she approached him with her problems, with radiological searches and found that her stomach was misplaced. There was a kidney warranted emergency surgery to save the woman.
She was admitted to city Hospital (Kadri) and Dr. Roshan Shetty formed a team of experts. They performed a very complicated laparoscopic Surgery lasting 5 hours and 30 minutes, closing the defects around chest and kidney.
The patient responded very well to the surgical treatment and was discharged after 5 days on August 19, and she is leading a normal healthy life, said Dr. Roshan Shetty in his press release on August 20.

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