Dr. Subramanian Swamy joins issue with Digvijay over Rahul

6:39 PM, Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

subramanian-swamyNew Delhi: Count Dr. Subramanian Swamy to tell the truth to raise controversies. Attacking the twice CM of MP and trouble-shooting spade Digvijay Singh on his own ground, for holding Rahul Gandhi up like a child before Indian people to call him the “future PM” (expecting Congress to rule many more years), Dr. Swamy said rahul Gandhi was an Italian by birth, as also Priyanka, both Sonia Gandhi’s children unfit to be Prime Minister of India. Sonia declined the post not as a “sacrifice”, but because she was Italian by birth and wanted a “Maino dynasty” after Rajiv Gandhi’s death nearly 2 decades ago.
Dr. Swamy called PM Manmohan Singh as a “courtier of Jan Path”. He accused the Congress of several scandals of gigantic proportions under Sonia Gandhi such as CWG, Coal, 2G Spectrums, Adarsh Housing and many more with zeroes added from 11 to 17, as in ONGC affair with private sector like skeletons tumbling out of Congress cupboard almost daily.
Several MPs and Party leaders are getting associated with Congress made scams in the recent years. The courtiers in Sonia Gandhi’s home are getting disillusioned over Man Mohan Singh’s protective ways over their scandals. He is too weak.
Digvijay Singh is waiting to bring in Rahul as PM, to nail the last coffin in the Congress casket, as a Regent now, to replace PM Man Mohan Singh in his second innings on a slow bat. But Rahul has legal difficulty as an Italian citizen, Swamy pointed out to the world.
The Italian family in India never accepted the Indian citizenship, Swamy clarified and they go over to Europe in other names, he alleged.
Rahul shoud learn a lesson from his mother at the age of 41. She knows better on who can be next PM, suggested Dr. Swamy.

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