First World Konkani Cultural Convention commenced with Grand procession

10:34 PM, Thursday, November 25th, 2010

First World Konkani Cultural ConventionMangalore :  Mandd Sobhann, the Konkani cultural association’s first World Konkani Cultural Convention began with a grand cultural procession from Kulshekar on Nov 25, Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

First World Konkani Cultural ConventionThe inaugural ceremony displayed the Konkani language and culture in the form of cultural tableaux. Each cultural troupe was introduced to the people through the dance performances, music and colorful costumes.

First World Konkani Cultural ConventionThe mega event World Cultural Konkani Convention, which will be held for 25 days commenced with a colorful procession.

First World Konkani Cultural ConventionMr. Ronald Mendonca flagged off the procession with the presence of the personalities such as NRI entrepreneur Ronald Colaco, Kalaangan Governing Body Chairman Ronald Mendonca, Bhaskar, Corporator of Kulshekar.
In his opening remark, he said that the event will highlifht on the common Konkani speaking people in order to provide a common platform for people of all religions and communities.

First World Konkani Cultural ConventionMelita Pinto and Titus Noronha, the comperers of the programme, welcomed the guests and gathering. Later, the song titled “Konkani Avsuk Jai Munuya,” written by Shakunthala R.Kini and sung by Prakash D’Souza and Joyce Ozerio on the occasion.

First World Konkani Cultural ConventionMLA Yogish Bhat, formally inaugurated the fair.  Mandd Sobhann will organize a wide range of events such as cultural festival, film festival, art festival, kavita festival, youth festival, and food festival with the traditional saanth being held throughout the event.

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