Future of the state is decided by policy of those in power: CM Bommai

10:59 AM, Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

Basavaraja Bommai Haveri : Future of the state is decided by policy of those in power, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said here on Monday.

“The state is strengthened if the people are economically empowered. But there is no guarantee of people getting empowered if the state is empowered. During the Congress regime people’s income did not rise though the revenue of the state government increased. Living standard of the people did not improve,’ Bommai said in his address at the Legislative Council election campaign rally organised by BJP at Kaginele in Haveri district.

Plans and programmes of Congress party lacked imagination. Drinking water crisis has erupted in villages though the Congress government had set up water purification units. The plan lacked imagination. Holistic thought is needed before drafting the projects. BJP is doing that, Bommai said.

Emphasising his commitment for decentralisation of power he said, “Gram Panchayat is the closest arm of government for the people. Now political decentralisation has happened. Administrative and financial decentralisation should follow. Mahatma Gandhi and Vajpayee were strong votaries of Gram Swaraj. It is the objective of our party too.”

Referring to the need for economic empowerment of women, he said, bank loans and market facilities are being provided for SC/ST, OBC women to encourage them to engage in economic activities.

Reiterating his commitment on delivering what his government promises, Bommai said, “the promise on setting up a medical college in Haveri has been fulfilled. Cabinet has approved forming of a separate Milk Producers Society for Haveri. irrigation project in Hirekerur and lift irrigation projects for the region are in final stages of completion.”

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