Giving State fund is duty of Central Government: Dr V S Acharya

10:41 PM, Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

V S AcharyaMangalore : Higher Education Minister Dr V S Acharya in a press meet held at BJP office on Dec 23, Thursday, said that, this is the 4th election Zilla Panchayath election taking place and opposition is trying to the capture the votes by giving the false statistics of the development done by the State Government.
He also said that, this time the government has brought several corrections in the constitution and given 50 percent reservation to women’s. Further the state government will bring changes in the gram panchayath and hence the district administration, financial statistics and other systems will be strengthened.
The BJP government in its 30 months of ruling has brought various developments and worked towards the formation of Suvarna Karnataka. The road and other development works have been done in the estimated cost of Rs 1000 crore and other developments too, which the congress and JDS can never think of doing it in the dream, he criticized.
The amount of Rs 250-300 crore will be given as loans to the farmers at the interest of 1 percent as a part of rural development scheme. The road development of worth Rs 1, 066 crore will be done for the first time in the state under the guidance of present chief minister.
The congress leaders and minister in every speech deliver the development in the state is with the help of central government. But they must not forget that, giving one part of the fund to Karnataka is the rule and they must do it and it is not coming to the state with anyone’s grace and they are just fulfilling their duty.            After 2009, UPA has failed in many states in various election held. In Karnataka around 7 elections have been held and BJP has been winning in majority.
CM’s advisor, Dr Ravindran said that Government has been doing various developmental work in the state. Further the state will prepare a document ‘Vision 20-20’ to show the direction of the development taking in the state.
District Incharge minister Krishna J Palemar, MLA Yogesh Bhat and Nithin Kumar were present.

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