Cattle thefts on rise ; cattle owners decide to have protective sheds for cows

10:42 AM, Saturday, August 3rd, 2013
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cowMangalore : Cattle are in much demand in the recent times it seems. If people  until now had to keep their valuables safely in lockers, now is the time when cattle owners need to keep their cattle in absolutely safer places or else will have to spend sleepless nights guarding their cattle. This mainly because of the incident of frequent thefts of cattle.

Koragappa Devadiga from  Mukka near  Surathkal who owns three cows has fixed iron rods to the door of the  cattle shed and also shackles around the necks of the cow in  order to protect them from thieves. This measure after two futile bid by thieves to steal his cows.

 Cattle thefts have become common with thieves waiting for the right time to flee with the cattle with vehicles kept ready for the purpose.

There have been five cases of cattle thefts in Suratkal in the past one month period and most of these cattle land in butcheries.cow


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