Ullal tense after clashes between two Muslim groups

5:54 PM, Friday, October 18th, 2013
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dargaMangalore : As many as eight persons were reported injured in a clash between two Muslim groups namely the Mohiuddin Juma Masjid committee and Ullal Darga samithi in the Ullal area  on October 18, Friday.

If the Ullal Darga is managed by the Ullal Darga Samithi another Darga built in front about three years ago is under the management of the Mohiuddin Juma Masjid.

The Darga Samithi had got a stay from the Wakf Board for offering namaz in the new Darga.

It is learnt, on October 18 Namaz was offered in the new Darga by the  Mohiuddin Juma Masjid committee association. On gathering information, police erected a barricade to prevent others from offering prayers in accordance to the Wakf Board directive.

It is learnt two men inside the new Darga were stabbed by some outsiders resulting in tension and stone pelting. Police resorted to lathi charge. Some police men were also injured.

Investigations are underway.


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