Myanmar Democratic icon and queen Suu Kyi released on Saturday

9:26 PM, Monday, November 15th, 2010
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Myanmar queenYangon (Rangoon): The lady who had won Burmese (Myanmar)democratic elections a few years ago and would have become the Burmese lady Prime Minister after 4 decades from premier U Nu holding that position but was deposed by a military Junta (group) to continue 26 years of General Ne Win’s military rule, has been released from her house detention after 15 years now. She is leading the democratic movement back to its glory in Burma.
It was only the other day that when USA President Barak H. Obama asked Indian leaders in his Indian Sojourn in Delhi, why India remained silent on Myanmar’s democratic problems, that Myanmar military leaders thought of releasing Aung San Syu Ki form her long detainment in her residence in Yangon (Rangoon), the Capital City. Syu Kyi was tearful when she addressed her party followers after she was free on Saturday last.
Syu Kyi has called upon all opposition parties in Burma (Myanmar) to face the military rule and establish democracy again, as thousands of her followers heard her.


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