Prison officials slackness in the Mangaluru District Prison

6:13 PM, Thursday, November 5th, 2015
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Ivan DsouzaMangaluru : Ivan D’Souza, MLC, said that slackness on the part of prison officials and other district officials led to the murder of two inmates in the Mangaluru District Prison on Monday.

While seeking disciplinary action should be taken against officials concerned, Mr. D’Souza said Home Minister cannot be blamed for inaction.

Mr. D’Souza on Wednesday placed before reporters answers given by the then Home Minister K.J. George in February and July to unstarred questions. In his statement, Home Minister then has said about sanction of installation of mobile jammers, CCTVs in the prison.

The Minister has denied of clashes of inmates on a regular frequency and about misuse of mobile phones in the Mangaluru District prison.

“But I now find that the mobile jammer lying in a corner in the prison,” said Mr. D’Souza.


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