Police nabbed temple priest in a theft case at Sullia

10:36 AM, Saturday, July 23rd, 2016
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theft-case-at-SulliaSullia: Police have nabbed one priest of a temple in connection with a theft case in temple of Shakhapala Subrahmanya temple and Ullakulu and Ullalthi Bachchanayaka Daivasthana at Yenekal village, on Friday from the accuser’s relative’s home at Bengaluru.

Murali Venkatesh is the priest who was arrested. He had stolen the ornaments of the temple which were provided by the devotees of Sullia, to meet their religious vows taken by them. He was on run with his family since the day theft took place.

Grma panchayat Secreatry, Monappa had given the treasure keys to a priest called Nagaraj. Murali misused the situation and took the keys from Nagaraj. Then he stole the ornaments of worth Rs 1,90,000. The case was come to the limelight on July 19. A day before police started their investigation; Murali left his village with his family and went to Bengaluru.

Upon interrogation Murali, he revealed that the stolen ornaments have been pledged in various finance companies and co-operative banks to avail loan.

A team led by Police Circle Inspector V Krishnayya, visited the banks and finance companies and recovered the stolen ornaments.


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