Ramanath Rai: Eighth time nomination papers submission

12:25 PM, Wednesday, April 18th, 2018
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ramanath-raiBantwal: Ramanath Rai’s name has been announced as the Congress candidate for Bantwal Assembly constituency as per the expectations of the party workers and voters.

Ramanath Rai is contesting for the eighth time and has indulged himself into social, religious, education and other areas along with the political arena. He took birth in a famous agricultural family and has been giving his service to the people from the past 50 years.

He has consistently contested in elections, gained the blessing of the people, has become an MLA and adorned the top position as Minister. He blends with the people like a local and wins them over. He is known for the efforts he puts in to solving problems that are brought before him by people from this constituency as well as from other constituencies.

He has the special achievement of consistently winning elections from the same constituency and same party. He has been a minister under three different chief ministers and the forthcoming election provides him another opportunity.

He joined Congress Party as a low level party worker and gradually rose up the ladder by successfully completing various responsibilities handed over to him. He is owns the praise for his work as per the expectations of the party workers. From the past 30 years he has been representing the constituency and has given ear to the pains and joys of the people. He has responded to them exceeding his strength. He has currently visited all the villages in the constituency and has become an integral part of the promotions. He has received people’s appreciation as five times Minister and six times MLA.

He was elected as MLA in 1985, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2008 and 2013. He has the greatness of handling different ministerial position as Home Minister in 1992, Excise Minister in 1994, Port and Fisheries Minister in 1999, Transport Minister in 2002 and Forest Minister in 2013.

This constituency has the reputation of the highest distribution of 94c registration certificate, implementation of multi-village drinking water plan, construction of check dams, and Bantwal city comprehensive drinking water plan. Bantwal Assembly constituency also has the greatness of being the second constituency in the country with highest number of ‘Anganwadi’s’.

In the last five years, more than 79 temples, many masjids, churches and basadis have been assisted with grants. Ramanath Rai as served as president and honorary president at 17 temples.

Development projects to the tune of more than 1,200 crore rupees has been implemented in Bantwal Assembly constituency in the last five years.


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