Electrocution takes life of a truck cleaner

11:44 AM, Thursday, June 6th, 2019
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dushyanthMangalore: In an accidental electrocution, kills a truck cleaner when he came in contact with a live wire, near Padaru Junction, Kudtamogeru, under Vittal police station limits on Wednesday.

The victim is recognized as Dushyanth, aged around 23, a resident of Alur in Hassan district, who climbed above the truck’s cabin in order to get his shirt, which he had kept there for drying.

Police reported that the victim and the truck driver, both work at the KMF feed transportation department, had came to deliver cow feed. The truck had come to drop KMF feed bags at Madakatte milk dairy, and thereafter it was on its way to Punacha.

As the driver stopped his vehicle at Padaru junction to enquire about the road to Punacha, Dushyanth climbed up the truck’s cabin to get his shirt. He failed to identify the live wire and came in contact with it. He died on the spot and was thrown to the ground after getting electrocuted. The incident took place around 10 a.m.


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