Mangalore-Bangalore train delays

10:59 AM, Saturday, August 17th, 2019
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subramanyaSubramanya : Train services on the Mangalore-Bangalore railway line will be delayed for another ten days. From the left side of the hill to the front of the hill was damaged, and the work of aligning the rail.

50 m ahead from Subramanya Cross Road – Hassan The hill in the distance collapsed on the 8th with the yellow. Slippers on the bottom of the rack are heavily damaged. Work is being done to complete the rails. As the rails slide deeper, a barrier is being built from the bottom up. The work has been leased to a private company, stockpiling of slippers and other items that need repair, Railway officials from Hubli said.

Adjacent to the rails are water leaks, and the soil is deep. Thus, barrier construction is difficult. Slippery assembly must begin once the barrier is built. Sources said the work could take several days to complete.




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