Nigerian NGO Technology against Crime partners with Cyber Peace Foundation for Cyber Defense initiatives in Africa

5:09 PM, Monday, May 18th, 2020
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cyber peaceNew Delhi :  Cyber Peace Foundation (CPF) an award-winning Indian civil society organization and think tank of cybersecurity and policy has joined hands with Africa based NGO, Technology Against Crime Initiative (TAC Africa). TAC Africa is a futurist oriented, Law Enforcement Centric NGO borne out of an International Law Enforcement Conference on Technology for a Safer World. The alliance is made to work upon the goals and initiatives in the global fight against cybercrime, data-protection, diplomacy, inclusion & outreach, research, cybersecurity of drone and counter-drone technology among others.

The objective of the partnership is to work towards curbing the increasing number of cybercrime, encouraging research in the field of cybersecurity, cyber defense and emerging technology platforms, etc. The partnership will also help to introduce new courses on cybercrime investigation, security and internet engineering, drone and counter-drone systems and governance subject to prior approvals of academic council of university and other legal requirements.

“The strategic partnership pact with Cyber Peace Foundation is to build Cyber capacity, drone and emerging technology capabilities for Academia, Law Enforcement Agencies and relevant stakeholders within the African region. We believe this will curb the brazen audacity with which technologically aided crimes are carried out within the region, said Mr. Jerry Akubo, Founder & CEO, TAC NGO Africa.

Vineet Kumar, Founder, Cyber Peace Foundation said “As the world becomes more connected through devices, cybersecurity and awareness takes the centre stage. We all need to work towards the safety of being online through new learnings, policies and law enforcement. With TAC, we pledge to build cyber peace and trust in technology and the internet.”

Cyberattacks are causing ever-greater harm to people and civilian infrastructures around the world. The most damaging attacks have destroyed businesses, halted economies, and shut down hospitals. With these unprecedented times the entire world is on the internet and the attackers are maliciously working towards harming these innocents through varied ways.

This partnership will promote and share information on the following initiatives:

● Official Industry partners for TAC Africa Drone & Counter Drone projects

● Instituting a Cyber Defense Initiative for Academia, Law Enforcement Agencies & Financial Institutions within the region

● Establishing of CPF Center of Excellence (CoE) in Nigeria

About Technology Against Crime Initiative (TAC Africa)
Technology Against Crime Initiative (TAC Africa) is a futurist oriented, Law Enforcement Centric Ideation Initiative. The initiative assembles global subject matter experts from a multidisciplinary background. The main goal is to encourage the adoption of Standard Operating Procedures and International Best Practices in tackling technologically aided crime. TAC Africa collaborates and partner with non-governmental organizations, academia, law enforcement agencies, social infrastructure, humanitarian, global original equipment manufacturers and stakeholders, to synergies and co-create thorough this ideation initiative.

Our core mandate is to see how emerging technology solutions can take its place in the fight against transnational organized crime and criminalities, while preserving privacy and rights of the citizen.

Abou Cyber Peace Foundation
Cyber Peace Foundation(CPF) is an award-winning nonpartisan civil society organization, think tank of cybersecurity and policy experts with the vision of pioneering Cyber Peace Initiatives to build collective resiliency against cybercrime & global threats of cyber warfare. CPF is involved in Policy Advocacy, Research and Training related to all aspects of Cyber Peace and Cyber Security. Key areas of Cyber Peace Foundation work are in Technology Governa

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