Netravathi river overflowing in low lying areas at Bantwal

2:51 PM, Saturday, August 8th, 2020
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Bantwal flood Bantwal: The water level in the Nethravathi River has been rising and flooding most villages of the taluk.

Shops in the Bantwal town and the Bantwal-Jakribettu road is completely flooded. The Bantwal-Godinabali road along with areas in Godinabali too are flooded.

Houses in the Alladka area are also flooded. Residents from these areas have been evacuated.

The historic Ajilamogaru Mosque and Melkar-Panemangalore road are also flooded. Floodwaters have also entered farms and fields in Bantwal, Panemangalore, Barimaru, Shamburu, Sarapadi, Maninalkur, Kadeshvalya and Narikombu.

Bantwal flood

Bantwal flood


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