Is there a hindrance in marriage? Do not worry, Do this

7:00 AM, Saturday, August 29th, 2020
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For many days in your life, you may find yourself bragging right or prematurely writing a wedding, but it can be frustrating to not get married in a timely manner.

The wedding process can sometimes be hindered by your personal ideas, but sometimes the nature of the wedding comes close and can be broken at the last minute. There is also the possibility of some well-meaning brawls, impersonations on you, and personality problems.

If you wish to resolve such issues in a timely manner, do this tactic.

Om am Hream Cleem Chamundai Witchee pat uchatanam Kuru Kuru swastya!
This mantra should be written on a Bujapatre or a copper sheet and put into a pot of clay, along with turmeric and saffron, white and red flowers. Then worship it for nine days with devotion and leave your old clothes to the flowing water so that you can get married as your mind’s desire.

Article: Astrologer Tantric Giridhara Bhat
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