If there is a difference in marriage, the love of it does not die, It is the connecting of souls

7:00 AM, Friday, October 16th, 2020
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In our Sanatan culture Marriage is a sacred practice. The two families and the two minds share in this emotional welfare in the hope of uniting and producing the next generation.

Carry out responsibilities in the journey of life, both physically and mentally, and make their existence happy. Such a responsible marriage can sometimes lead to separation when there is a difference.

Marriage is the welding of souls, sometimes upset, their love does not die, it stays the same. The conflict inevitably encountered in this can change the direction of life.

The impact on love, on offspring, on the family is enormous. There are also several solutions in astrology that can fix your marriage problem and eliminate disagreement.

“Garula Sudha Ripu Karahi Gopada Sindhu Anala”
This mantra should be chanted with 3 rounds or 11 rounds of chanting, sitting on a wooden pedestal with a black rug, so that if you do for 21 days, your marital problem will be solved.

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