Seven persons arrested in KC Nagar kidnapping case

8:54 PM, Tuesday, April 27th, 2021
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KidnapersMangaluru : Seven persons arrested in connection with the case of kidnapping and placing demand for cash, gold and land documents from Ahmed Ashraf, chief of an online training centre and his friend Javid from KC Nagar.

Informing this to media  n April 27, Tuesday City Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar said, Yaqub, Ahmed Iqbal, Umar Nawaf, Samsheer, Mohammad Kausar, Naushad and Sheikh Muhammad Riyaz are arrested. Police have also seized three cars, machete, gold necklace and land documents from the accused he said.

It has been alleged that in the past the accused Ahmed Iqbal had invested in the business of Ahmed Ashraf. However later there as a discord between the two. In this backdrop Ahmed Iqbal had reportedly kidnapped Ahmed Ashraf on April 22 and had kept him in confinement for two days when the latter was physically assaulted.

Police who had swung into action had rescued the Ahmed Iqbal and his friend and had arrested seven persons. The Commissioner said the main accused Umar Nawaf has tested positive and was under treatment. The other accused will be produced before the court, he added.


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