3 boys in a group of 7 drown in turbulenst sea waves

12:39 PM, Monday, July 25th, 2011
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3 drown in MurdeshwaraKarwar/Murudeshwar: Three youngsters, Vivek V.(18), Tejas M(20) AND Dininraj(19) get drowned at Murudeshwar sea early on Sunday, July 24, when they were washed away by currents, but the bodies could not be traced by search operators and the police till Monday, July 25.
There were seven in a group on tour via Mangalore and Madikeri, at Murudeshwar. They played volleyball on the beach. They got into sea waves soon, when Tejas was pulled down by strong currents, soon the others went after him. Deepak, a fourth boy, jumped in to save them but all 3 were carried away. Deepak was saved by a rescue team. The coastal security police and the Navy are now looking for the dead, in a turbulent sea having sharks too, and this situation hampered the search. 4 boys in the group are alive and recovering from a shock.


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